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Beef Stew
by member: lisandracosta
Nothing beats the flavor and comfort of a classic beef stew!
per serve - Calories: 627kcal | Fat: 41.77g | Carbs: 20.89g | Prot: 43.60g
Keto Chocolate
by member: anu6kaa
Keto-friendly dessert for chocolate lovers!
per serve - Calories: 39kcal | Fat: 3.43g | Carbs: 2.49g | Prot: 0.52g
Chinese Style Chilli Chicken
by member: RossiCB
Floured chicken pieces in a delicious Chinese style sauce.
per serve - Calories: 444kcal | Fat: 18.68g | Carbs: 37.58g | Prot: 32.72g
Chicken and Bacon Pasta Bake
by member: aimee_clark
Cheesy pasta with chicken and bacon.
per serve - Calories: 487kcal | Fat: 21.16g | Carbs: 31.12g | Prot: 41.49g
Cottage Cheese Pancakes
by member: Svet_lana_d
Golden fluffy pancakes with cottage cheese.
per serve - Calories: 444kcal | Fat: 13.84g | Carbs: 32.38g | Prot: 46.39g
Lentil and Tomato Rasam
by member: myincrediblehell
An aromatic and flavourful traditional South Indian soup.
per serve - Calories: 112kcal | Fat: 1.38g | Carbs: 19.99g | Prot: 6.71g
Baked Banana and Oats
by member: GG146
Filling and tasty baked banana and oats!
per serve - Calories: 221kcal | Fat: 3.56g | Carbs: 41.94g | Prot: 6.76g
Keto Bread
by member: cassiademiranda
Keto bread with mouthwatering pork scratchings crust.
per serve - Calories: 439kcal | Fat: 32.90g | Carbs: 2.51g | Prot: 32.96g
Cheesecake Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies
by member: Zoelisk
Chewy chocolate chip cookies with cheese cake filling in the middle!
per serve - Calories: 244kcal | Fat: 12.67g | Carbs: 32.46g | Prot: 2.46g
Quark Muffins
by member: AnastasiiaVN
Light and tasty muffins with apple and pear.
per serve - Calories: 194kcal | Fat: 5.66g | Carbs: 53.42g | Prot: 16.18g
by member: Missdibley
A healthier version of pizza - low calorie and high in fibre.
per serve - Calories: 333kcal | Fat: 20.38g | Carbs: 10.98g | Prot: 24.10g
Banana Cottage Cheese Mousse
by member: anu6kaa
A quick and yummy dessert with bananas, almonds, and cottage cheese!
per serve - Calories: 298kcal | Fat: 10.73g | Carbs: 39.90g | Prot: 17.15g
Courgette with Bacon and Halloumi
by member: Charadeny
A delicious and irresistible alternative to pasta!
per serve - Calories: 325kcal | Fat: 23.88g | Carbs: 6.96g | Prot: 22.27g
Butter Bean Chorizo Stew
by member: hwheatley12
A medley of chorizo sausages and butter beans with spices and vegetables.
per serve - Calories: 265kcal | Fat: 9.94g | Carbs: 32.35g | Prot: 16.31g
Panna Cotta
by member: Tinkerbell34
Smooth and creamy kiwi panna cotta.
per serve - Calories: 66kcal | Fat: 4.24g | Carbs: 4.79g | Prot: 2.57g
Cheesy Scones
by member: LiN9er
Crunchy scones with three different kinds of cheese.
per serve - Calories: 87kcal | Fat: 4.52g | Carbs: 8.05g | Prot: 3.19g
Tuna Salad
by member: january3008
A refreshing salad with tuna, vegetables and beans.
per serve - Calories: 264kcal | Fat: 14.93g | Carbs: 21.90g | Prot: 14.00g
Choc Chip Cookies
by member: christinementz
Chewy cookies with loads of dark chocolate chips.
per serve - Calories: 157kcal | Fat: 7.62g | Carbs: 20.08g | Prot: 1.55g
Zucchini Fritters
by member: samejjj
Savoury fritters with zucchini and parmesan cheese.
per serve - Calories: 332kcal | Fat: 24.98g | Carbs: 9.43g | Prot: 18.81g
Lemon Coconut Cheesecake Fat Bombs
by member: AmandaSally
These will surely satisfy your cheesecake cravings!
per serve - Calories: 61kcal | Fat: 3.96g | Carbs: 5.73g | Prot: 1.34g
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