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Coconut Granola
by member: Lousur
Homemade crunchy granola.
per serve - Calories: 216kcal | Fat: 10.23g | Carbs: 29.98g | Prot: 5.72g
Baked Cauliflower
by member: VISHAR
A delicious side dish of cauliflower.
per serve - Calories: 98kcal | Fat: 2.54g | Carbs: 17.27g | Prot: 5.78g
Oatbran Pancakes
by member: plasticgreen
Low fat, high fibre, simple pancake forms a base for any tasty topping.
per serve - Calories: 166kcal | Fat: 3.64g | Carbs: 34.93g | Prot: 17.10g
Welsh Cakes
by member: dwynwyn
Hot stone cakes.
per serve - Calories: 116kcal | Fat: 2.93g | Carbs: 20.36g | Prot: 2.37g
Lemongrass Mackerel in a Bed of Cabbage
by member: milky milky bunny
Super yummy, super low carb and super healthy.
per serve - Calories: 269kcal | Fat: 21.68g | Carbs: 3.98g | Prot: 16.04g
Protein Muffins
by member: AniaChmura
Quick and easy protein muffins.
per serve - Calories: 138kcal | Fat: 1.39g | Carbs: 15.31g | Prot: 17.83g
by member: DarlingMonique
Kefir & flour cakes, similar to mini-pancakes. A traditional Russian dish cooked in a dietary way.
per serve - Calories: 224kcal | Fat: 4.53g | Carbs: 36.26g | Prot: 8.48g
Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage
by member: plasticgreen
A tasty vegetable dish of red cabbage and apple.
per serve - Calories: 168kcal | Fat: 3.75g | Carbs: 29.35g | Prot: 2.58g
Chunky Aubergine Dip
by member: PatyPrincess
A beautiful dip made which can be served as an appetizer with toasted pita fingers...very yummy.
per serve - Calories: 76kcal | Fat: 3.72g | Carbs: 10.93g | Prot: 1.77g
Vegan Rice Balls
by member: anapeu
Small rice and sweet corn balls, baked with spices.
per serve - Calories: 32kcal | Fat: 0.28g | Carbs: 6.50g | Prot: 0.90g
Paella With Chorizo
by member: joeys1980
A classic rice dish with tantalising flavours.
per serve - Calories: 330kcal | Fat: 6.37g | Carbs: 38.51g | Prot: 29.30g
Thai Style Steamed Fish
by member: fatcow72
Delicious, packed with flavour and spice and low in fat.
per serve - Calories: 263kcal | Fat: 5.56g | Carbs: 33.23g | Prot: 31.64g
Turkey Lasagne
by member: joeys1980
A healthy alternative to the family favourite lasagne.
per serve - Calories: 153kcal | Fat: 4.51g | Carbs: 13.59g | Prot: 14.77g
Crunchy Garlic Pork
by member: slycia79
Pork in crunchy garlic bread crumbs.
per serve - Calories: 253kcal | Fat: 14.90g | Carbs: 12.84g | Prot: 16.58g
Steamed Salmon
by member: fatcow72
Delicious steamed fish that's low in calories and carbs.
per serve - Calories: 153kcal | Fat: 8.24g | Carbs: 2.31g | Prot: 16.42g
by member: cwallhead73
Protein packed treat, hot or cold.
per serve - Calories: 271kcal | Fat: 13.65g | Carbs: 9.07g | Prot: 26.01g
Bakewell Tart
by member: cwallhead73
A yummy treat, only to be made as a reward.
per serve - Calories: 366kcal | Fat: 21.02g | Carbs: 40.17g | Prot: 4.96g
Vegan Pancakes
by member: vying
A basic vegan pancake recipe that uses both whole wheat and white flour.
per serve - Calories: 128kcal | Fat: 3.57g | Carbs: 19.41g | Prot: 4.33g
Vegetarian Meatballs
by member: Lou La Belle
Vegetarian meatballs in a rich tomato sauce.
per serve - Calories: 266kcal | Fat: 7.69g | Carbs: 26.27g | Prot: 23.38g
Stuffed Aubergine
by member: m1001
A tasty aubergine stuffed with chicken, vegetables and cheese.
per serve - Calories: 248kcal | Fat: 10.39g | Carbs: 16.02g | Prot: 23.95g
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