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Tuna Lasagne
by member: Elliott86
A easy to make tasty lasagne made with tuna and ratatouille.
per serve - Calories: 370kcal | Fat: 11.78g | Carbs: 31.97g | Prot: 35.22g
Red Onion & Sausage Pizza
by member: springermeg
Healthy pizza with a thin crispy base.
per serve - Calories: 293kcal | Fat: 7.51g | Carbs: 38.96g | Prot: 17.58g
Cauliflower Rice
by member: donna1102
Low carb rice substitute.
per serve - Calories: 74kcal | Fat: 0.40g | Carbs: 15.96g | Prot: 4.87g
by member: Jasperlulu
Quick and simple yet tasty pizza.
per serve - Calories: 354kcal | Fat: 12.04g | Carbs: 42.08g | Prot: 18.28g
Prawn Cocktail on Toast
by member: Cyndi 25
A light supper that's so easy to make when you get home from work.
per serve - Calories: 354kcal | Fat: 20.80g | Carbs: 26.80g | Prot: 15.90g
Cauliflower Fritters with Bacon
by member: Doodle26
These tasty fritters make a great snack or lunchtime meal.
per serve - Calories: 96kcal | Fat: 4.96g | Carbs: 8.41g | Prot: 5.19g
Spiced Tomato & Red Lentil Soup
by member: roshastings
Simple soup with warm spices.
per serve - Calories: 141kcal | Fat: 5.80g | Carbs: 16.30g | Prot: 5.57g
Pineapple, Pomegranate & Blueberry Salad
by member: webmuffin
A delicious and healthy snack to help kill the sweet cravings.
per serve - Calories: 93kcal | Fat: 0.31g | Carbs: 22.18g | Prot: 1.11g
Beef Chili
by member: webmuffin
A delicious and warming chili made with diced beef for added texture.
per serve - Calories: 231kcal | Fat: 7.59g | Carbs: 18.75g | Prot: 23.00g
Leek & Red Pepper Omelette
by member: webmuffin
A low calorie but tasty leek and red pepper omelette.
per serve - Calories: 205kcal | Fat: 13.62g | Carbs: 9.13g | Prot: 12.22g
Mac 'n' Cheese
by member: benpettiforsmith
An American classic with a twist.
per serve - Calories: 545kcal | Fat: 17.55g | Carbs: 69.87g | Prot: 26.97g
Banana Flapjacks
by member: sophsjd
Banana flapjacks with cocoa and flaked almonds.
per serve - Calories: 207kcal | Fat: 12.50g | Carbs: 21.12g | Prot: 4.48g
Tuna Pasta Salad
by member: Jiddon
A simple pasta salad that can be adapted to your own preferences. Great for lunchboxes.
per serve - Calories: 189kcal | Fat: 3.12g | Carbs: 28.03g | Prot: 12.07g
Protein Cookies
by member: benpettiforsmith
Amazing cookies, definitely good to help you lose fat and bulk up.
per serve - Calories: 161kcal | Fat: 7.75g | Carbs: 16.62g | Prot: 8.78g
Quorn Bolognese
by member: benpettiforsmith
A really cheap and cheerful meal all done in the slow cooker.
per serve - Calories: 165kcal | Fat: 8.65g | Carbs: 11.94g | Prot: 10.13g
Spicy Mexican Chicken Salad
by member: Lissaloolah
Hot with lots of beans.
per serve - Calories: 349kcal | Fat: 2.97g | Carbs: 44.16g | Prot: 36.39g
by member: Caracul
A low fat version of an English classic.
per serve - Calories: 358kcal | Fat: 12.76g | Carbs: 33.85g | Prot: 24.37g
Bucatini all'Amitricana
by member: Jackwilliam
A delectable, wholesome pasta dish.
per serve - Calories: 663kcal | Fat: 13.53g | Carbs: 76.21g | Prot: 56.62g
Curd Cheese Bake with Strawberries
by member: DarlingMonique
A delicious protein-rich bake, healthy and low-calorie.
per serve - Calories: 260kcal | Fat: 0.38g | Carbs: 23.15g | Prot: 41.62g
Chicken Julienne
by member: DarlingMonique
Chicken and mushroom bake topped with sour cream and cheese.
per serve - Calories: 384kcal | Fat: 13.91g | Carbs: 6.00g | Prot: 59.68g
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