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Friday Bean Salad
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High in fiber Mediterranean vibes recipe.
per serve - Calories: 207kcal | Fat: 11.85g | Carbs: 16.97g | Prot: 6.67g
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2 Bean Salad
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Healthy, delicious, and easy to prepare.
per serve - Calories: 232kcal | Fat: 12.31g | Carbs: 20.01g | Prot: 8.22g
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Multi Bean Salad Mix
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Delicious and fiber-rich recipe.
per serve - Calories: 382kcal | Fat: 22.30g | Carbs: 28.50g | Prot: 14.06g
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Chick Pea and Bean Salad
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A healthy and delicious recipe. It's perfect for lunch.
per serve - Calories: 269kcal | Fat: 13.67g | Carbs: 21.64g | Prot: 10.18g
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3 Bean Salad
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Nutritious, delicious, and easy lunch.
per serve - Calories: 224kcal | Fat: 10.27g | Carbs: 20.17g | Prot: 9.38g
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Roast Butternut Wedges
by member: Ninamitch77
Spiced wedges roasted in the oven.
per serve - Calories: 92kcal | Fat: 1.83g | Carbs: 20.07g | Prot: 1.82g
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Naan Bread
by member: Buffy88
Soft bread that is easy to make.
per serve - Calories: 238kcal | Fat: 7.01g | Carbs: 37.18g | Prot: 5.68g
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Stuffed Peppers
by member: sonamubhi
Peppers - stuffed with potatoes, onion, garlic, couscous tomatoes.
per serve - Calories: 371kcal | Fat: 15.54g | Carbs: 45.16g | Prot: 15.00g
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Savory Egg Muffins
by member: Malinkamarcelinka
This recipe is with peppers, onions and spinach but any vegetables can be added.
per serve - Calories: 52kcal | Fat: 2.73g | Carbs: 3.85g | Prot: 2.92g
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Apple Slaw
by member: nrm93x
An easy to prepare apple slaw.
per serve - Calories: 215kcal | Fat: 17.82g | Carbs: 15.57g | Prot: 0.68g
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2 Egg Omelette
by member: FatSecret_GB_en-UK
A quick and easy recipe for an omelette. Serve with a side of vegetables and complex carbohydrates (such as brown rice or wholemeal bread) for a complete, balanced meal.
per serve - Calories: 249kcal | Fat: 21.46g | Carbs: 0.78g | Prot: 12.70g
Not yet rated.
Waldorf Salad
by member: nrm93x
Give classic waldorf salad a boost of flavour and texture with tasty walnuts.
per serve - Calories: 395kcal | Fat: 27.36g | Carbs: 33.55g | Prot: 5.31g
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Onion and Spinach Tortilla
by member: HannahMc
This is perfect warm or cold – perfect for lunch, a picnic or barbecue.
per serve - Calories: 107kcal | Fat: 4.69g | Carbs: 11.44g | Prot: 6.41g
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Spinach, Pea and Ricotta Tart
by member: Kismet.CBP
A delicious filo pastry tart.
per serve - Calories: 269kcal | Fat: 15.09g | Carbs: 19.63g | Prot: 13.10g
Not yet rated.
Egg Muffins
by member: Demihayler1
Breakfast egg muffins are a delicious healthy saviour and perfect for meal prep!
per serve - Calories: 55kcal | Fat: 3.63g | Carbs: 1.43g | Prot: 5.13g
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Courgette with Bacon and Halloumi
by member: Charadeny
A delicious and irresistible alternative to pasta!
per serve - Calories: 325kcal | Fat: 23.88g | Carbs: 6.96g | Prot: 22.27g
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Butter Bean Chorizo Stew
by member: hwheatley12
A medley of chorizo sausages and butter beans with spices and vegetables.
per serve - Calories: 265kcal | Fat: 9.94g | Carbs: 32.35g | Prot: 16.31g
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Prawn & Pomelo Salad
by member: elaine_britton
Vietnamese-inspired salad with a colorful and delectable mix of prawns, pomelo, and vegetables.
per serve - Calories: 304kcal | Fat: 15.44g | Carbs: 16.76g | Prot: 26.98g
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by member: Angelique.Alexander
Cheesy quiche with prawns, eggs, and spring onions.
per serve - Calories: 263kcal | Fat: 16.67g | Carbs: 1.53g | Prot: 27.29g
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Apple & Pomegranate Salad
by member: elaine_britton
Vietnamese inspired salad with apple and pomegranate.
per serve - Calories: 86kcal | Fat: 1.25g | Carbs: 17.17g | Prot: 1.40g
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