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by member: Venomouslolita
Oven baked egg dish.
per serve - Calories: 424kcal | Fat: 30.08g | Carbs: 10.05g | Prot: 28.33g
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Banana & Raspberry Smoothie
by member: Barney45
Healthy high fibre smoothie.
per serve - Calories: 164kcal | Fat: 9.30g | Carbs: 16.24g | Prot: 4.11g
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Avocado Smoothie
by member: Barney45
High in fibre, low in net carbs.
per serve - Calories: 112kcal | Fat: 10.09g | Carbs: 5.11g | Prot: 1.35g
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Blueberry & Cinnamon Oatmeal
by member: Fitnessaim
Delicious and filling. Perfect way to start your day healthily and guilt free.
per serve - Calories: 253kcal | Fat: 4.44g | Carbs: 45.92g | Prot: 9.44g
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Banana & Strawberry Smoothie
by member: amybatespt
A fruity breakfast smoothie.
per serve - Calories: 191kcal | Fat: 3.35g | Carbs: 42.23g | Prot: 2.79g
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Cottage Cheese Casserole
by member: Soneely
A cottage cheese casserole made in oven. Absolutely healthy.
per serve - Calories: 218kcal | Fat: 9.81g | Carbs: 13.74g | Prot: 21.26g
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Rich Garlic & Cheese Omelette
by member: WorldOfInterest
A treat of a rich omelette to be cooked occasionally.
per serve - Calories: 313kcal | Fat: 25.49g | Carbs: 1.75g | Prot: 18.88g
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Coconut Granola
by member: Lousur
Homemade crunchy granola.
per serve - Calories: 216kcal | Fat: 10.23g | Carbs: 29.98g | Prot: 5.72g
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Curd Cheese Bake with Strawberries
by member: DarlingMonique
A delicious protein-rich bake, healthy and low-calorie.
per serve - Calories: 260kcal | Fat: 0.38g | Carbs: 23.15g | Prot: 41.62g
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Welsh Cakes
by member: dwynwyn
Hot stone cakes.
per serve - Calories: 116kcal | Fat: 2.93g | Carbs: 20.36g | Prot: 2.37g
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Protein Muffins
by member: AniaChmura
Quick and easy protein muffins.
per serve - Calories: 138kcal | Fat: 1.39g | Carbs: 15.31g | Prot: 17.83g
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by member: DarlingMonique
Kefir & flour cakes, similar to mini-pancakes. A traditional Russian dish cooked in a dietary way.
per serve - Calories: 224kcal | Fat: 4.53g | Carbs: 36.26g | Prot: 8.48g
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Oatbran Pancakes
by member: plasticgreen
Low fat, high fibre, simple pancake forms a base for any tasty topping.
per serve - Calories: 166kcal | Fat: 3.64g | Carbs: 34.93g | Prot: 17.10g
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Vegan Pancakes
by member: vying
A basic vegan pancake recipe that uses both whole wheat and white flour.
per serve - Calories: 128kcal | Fat: 3.57g | Carbs: 19.41g | Prot: 4.33g
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Poached Eggs with Mushroom and Tomato
by member: Sara987
Breakfast will now be the tastiest meal of the day.
per serve - Calories: 237kcal | Fat: 11.42g | Carbs: 15.97g | Prot: 21.46g
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