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Crispy Chilli Beef
by member: hayleyemmac
No more takeaways, create your own!
per serve - Calories: 816kcal | Fat: 33.40g | Carbs: 86.53g | Prot: 42.24g
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Chickpea Curry
by member: andielouisee
A healthy vegan curry, full of flavour, spice and soul.
per serve - Calories: 321kcal | Fat: 5.82g | Carbs: 49.68g | Prot: 15.37g
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Chicken Pad Thai
by member: hayleyemmac
If you need a fast meal, turn to this trusty dinner Thai noodle dish with chicken and veggies.
per serve - Calories: 910kcal | Fat: 54.76g | Carbs: 44.69g | Prot: 60.16g
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Mussels in Creamy Beer Sauce
by member: Ninamitch77
Mussels cooked in a luscious beer, cream and garlic mix.
per serve - Calories: 646kcal | Fat: 30.25g | Carbs: 28.56g | Prot: 61.12g
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Vegetable Salad
by member: Ninamitch77
Healthy and easy to prepare!
per serve - Calories: 397kcal | Fat: 23.14g | Carbs: 26.85g | Prot: 25.50g
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Tomato Pasta Sauce
by member: Ruthie2312
A quick and easy tomato pasta sauce
per serve - Calories: 147kcal | Fat: 1.92g | Carbs: 24.14g | Prot: 6.55g
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Veggie Pancakes
by member: tatianapipac
Crispy veggie pancakes cook up fast and provide a blend of healthy veggies.
per serve - Calories: 427kcal | Fat: 16.99g | Carbs: 38.26g | Prot: 26.87g
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Chicken Schnitzel with Almond Crumbs
by member: Ninamitch77
Healthy chicken schnitzel made with almond flour instead of breadcrumbs.
per serve - Calories: 306kcal | Fat: 15.91g | Carbs: 1.47g | Prot: 39.34g
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Oxtail Casserole
by member: Ninamitch77
Deliciously tendered oxtail casserole.
per serve - Calories: 750kcal | Fat: 42.55g | Carbs: 3.10g | Prot: 83.08g
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Vegetarian Mexican Beans
by member: FatSecret_GB_en-UK
A weekly staple which you can serve with rice and salad, in a quesadilla or on a baked potato with cheese. Divide up any leftover portions to keep in the freezer for a last minute meal. NOTE: 1x 400g can of beans = 240g drained beans. Use dried textured vegetable protein, or any other vegetarian mince.
per serve - Calories: 292kcal | Fat: 8.66g | Carbs: 40.48g | Prot: 17.52g
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Lentil Bolognese
by member: FatSecret_GB_en-UK
A high protein, high fibre, vegan, and vegetarian alternative to bolognese. Serve with brown pasta and a side of salad for a balanced meal. NOTE: - Use 2x 400g tins of lentils, rinsed and drained to obtain a total of 480g of lentils. Store leftovers in the freezer for a quick and easy meal.
per serve - Calories: 303kcal | Fat: 8.11g | Carbs: 47.39g | Prot: 16.32g
Not yet rated.
Chickpea Curry
by member: vickilouu
This easy, flavorful coconut chickpea curry is ready in no time and packed with flavour!
per serve - Calories: 241kcal | Fat: 11.84g | Carbs: 25.07g | Prot: 7.60g
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Onion and Spinach Tortilla
by member: HannahMc
This is perfect warm or cold – perfect for lunch, a picnic or barbecue.
per serve - Calories: 107kcal | Fat: 4.69g | Carbs: 11.44g | Prot: 6.41g
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Spinach, Pea and Ricotta Tart
by member: Kismet.CBP
A delicious filo pastry tart.
per serve - Calories: 269kcal | Fat: 15.09g | Carbs: 19.63g | Prot: 13.10g
Not yet rated.
Salmon Kebabs
by member: pusscat82
Great for lunch or dinner.
per serve - Calories: 334kcal | Fat: 24.16g | Carbs: 4.45g | Prot: 25.96g
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Garden Vegetable Ragu
by member: Rodica97
Crisp and flavor rich vegan dish with aubergines and courgettes.
per serve - Calories: 189kcal | Fat: 7.85g | Carbs: 30.15g | Prot: 5.44g
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Eggplant Shakshouka
by member: jjnae
A flavorful dish perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!
per serve - Calories: 245kcal | Fat: 10.90g | Carbs: 25.22g | Prot: 18.09g
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Noodles with Turkey and Veggies
by member: yasmindab
An appetizing noodle dish with turkey and vegetables.
per serve - Calories: 227kcal | Fat: 6.26g | Carbs: 30.64g | Prot: 12.74g
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by member: Immy96
Italian stew minced beef in tomato sauce, simmered to perfection with spaghetti.
per serve - Calories: 674kcal | Fat: 28.61g | Carbs: 55.91g | Prot: 49.22g
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Teriyaki Salmon
by member: ceeceehowl
You will not be able to resist this mouthwatering salmon dish!
per serve - Calories: 272kcal | Fat: 7.04g | Carbs: 20.78g | Prot: 28.90g
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