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Tomato Salad

Tasty and quick to prepare salad made with fresh ingredients.

Banana Pancakes

Satisfying, quick to prepare, and healthy banana pancakes for a busy morning.

Banana Oat Bran Porridge with Cocoa Nibs

A delightful and warming meal for breakfast.

Banana Nut Muffins

These soft, moist, and healthy muffins are perfect for breakfast or snacks.

Turkey Egg Cups
by member: bolinjah
These protein-packed muffins are perfect for a make-ahead meals for breakfast or snacks.
per serve - Calories: 91kcal | Fat: 5.86g | Carbs: 1.31g | Prot: 7.99g
Quorn Sausage and Spinach Pasta
by member: KABoon17
Creamy and healthy pasta with Quorn sausage.
per serve - Calories: 428kcal | Fat: 14.38g | Carbs: 59.18g | Prot: 13.84g
Flaxseed Bar
by member: Alou1s1ous
Tasty and freshly-baked energy bar you'll enjoy.
per serve - Calories: 126kcal | Fat: 8.63g | Carbs: 2.32g | Prot: 9.11g
Roast Butternut Wedges
by member: Ninamitch77
Spiced wedges roasted in the oven.
per serve - Calories: 92kcal | Fat: 1.83g | Carbs: 20.07g | Prot: 1.82g
Crispy Chilli Chicken Burger
by member: Emma Devlin Young
If you love KFC zinger burger, you will love this!
per serve - Calories: 576kcal | Fat: 23.29g | Carbs: 49.03g | Prot: 36.69g
Baked Crumpets
by member: Emma Devlin Young
Healthy and easy to prepare baked crumpets.
per serve - Calories: 407kcal | Fat: 18.32g | Carbs: 42.88g | Prot: 19.52g
Waffles Sena
by member: PipasR
Healthy and easy to prepare waffles.
per serve - Calories: 146kcal | Fat: 3.59g | Carbs: 24.97g | Prot: 6.01g
Everything Stew
by member: adamleegrainger
Delicious stew, perfect for cold evenings.
per serve - Calories: 301kcal | Fat: 4.87g | Carbs: 40.28g | Prot: 24.79g
Low Carb Muffins
by member: Mazchap
Delicious and low calorie muffins.
per serve - Calories: 117kcal | Fat: 8.28g | Carbs: 1.84g | Prot: 8.49g
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Hoisin Chicken Stir Fry
by member: lachlanmerrill
Chicken and vegetable stir fry with hoisin sauce and egg noodles.
per serve - Calories: 507kcal | Fat: 12.57g | Carbs: 70.55g | Prot: 28.59g
Chicken Stir Fry
by member: Zoe gall
An easy-to-prepare dish that's very tasty.
per serve - Calories: 608kcal | Fat: 17.10g | Carbs: 55.11g | Prot: 53.31g
by member: HalloweenQueeen
A low-calorie, low-sugar breakfast for those on a keto diet.
per serve - Calories: 249kcal | Fat: 17.18g | Carbs: 6.22g | Prot: 16.00g
Turkey Keema
by member: evielouise14
Quick and easy minced meat recipe.
per serve - Calories: 192kcal | Fat: 1.92g | Carbs: 9.85g | Prot: 33.77g
Tomato & Thyme Cod Fish
by member: johncrumpton
Delicious fish with vegetables meal.
per serve - Calories: 144kcal | Fat: 4.57g | Carbs: 12.42g | Prot: 13.82g
Pistachio & Clementine Keto Cookies
by member: Ninamitch77
Holidays themed keto biscuits.
per serve - Calories: 47kcal | Fat: 4.11g | Carbs: 0.94g | Prot: 1.60g
Naan Bread
by member: Buffy88
Soft bread that is easy to make.
per serve - Calories: 238kcal | Fat: 7.01g | Carbs: 37.18g | Prot: 5.68g

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