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Samsung health
Is there a way for me to connect my galaxy watch with FS so that my daily treadmill time will be automatically stored?
by charlenewill on 24 Apr 19 07:37 PM
What would you tell your 16 year old self?
Dee_T wrote: Calories in is a simplistic and incorrect theory. As if our bodies react similar to a test-tube and hormones have no impact. So, if it isn't calories, what is it that determines ...
by Diablo360x on 24 Apr 19 03:00 PM
Why does everyone think eating loads of protein is good for you?
Dee_T wrote: ROFLMAO Diablo. Insulin response is irrelevant? Enjoy your science-free, fact-free delusions. ...
by Diablo360x on 24 Apr 19 02:43 PM
reading calendar
I am new too, but if by the Net (k cal) which is beside the clock icon, it is to record exercise and what calories you might burn using it. Personally i don't take too much stock in the figures they ...
by Fiberoptic on 24 Apr 19 10:34 AM
When I cook a large meals for the fam and me how do I
Yes the My cookbook link is very good for that, especially if you make it all the time. I did that for my pea soup recipes. How else is one cup measured if different consistency. At least i know it makes ...
by Fiberoptic on 24 Apr 19 10:21 AM
What should I weigh
It is hard to know what to believe, but i believe that you know yourself best. Are you comfortable with your weight and how you feel more importantly. You have made incredible strides in bettering your ...
by Fiberoptic on 24 Apr 19 10:14 AM