flopsy1979's Journal, 11 Jan 17

Not been feeling to great with recent events. I have stuck to my calorie allowance, but its been really difficult to do so. I haven't lost any weight, in fact I saw a specialist a couple of days ago and turns out their scales (which are more accurate than mine) show that I actually weight HALF A STONE more than I thought :-(. This really has not helped me to feel good. Still, despite all that, I am determined to stick to my daily calorie allowance. I have to keep going.

Thank you everyone for your support.

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It's a hard time for you, that's for sure. Don't panic too much about the weight difference between scales as it's the loss and how you feel that's important. Also, I weigh myself naked, first thing after getting up and using the loo. A lot of people do and maybe you're the same. I bet the specialist didn't weigh you in that situation so maybe the 7lb is daily variation. It's not impossible. Best of luck sticking with it and I wish you well. 
11 Jan 17 by member: Phooka
Sorry to hear you're feeling so low. I agree with Phooka about the difference between your scales and the doctor's. All kinds of factors involved. If you're staying steady or losing on the same set of scales, that's what counts. And very sorry to hear about your friend's death. Best of luck with your weight loss. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. 
11 Jan 17 by member: Snoop Puss
Hang in there! 
11 Jan 17 by member: *Starshine*
Phooka is spot on. Lots of factors here. Just go by your own scales and that will determine your overall weight. I mean time, clothes, scales and where the scales are placed. This can account for a wide difference. Please don't get discouraged. The same scenario happened to me a couple of years ago. I weighed myself at home , then a nurse weighed me at about 10lb heavier. I was mortified! I never got back on scales until last year. The worst thing was .. I actually put on another 2 stone after this weigh in. I didn't realise that when the nurse weighed me it was still a good weight loss...I just couldn't see it. Today I'm still working my way back to that 'official' weigh in. But I'm getting there. If only I knew then what I know now. Trust me buddy 😍 
11 Jan 17 by member: Mrs Maths
One main thing is to ensure you are hitting the right calorie goal. Or being very strict with LCHF. If not, you may be eating more calories and/or carbs than needed to promote weight loss. 
11 Jan 17 by member: Draglist
Stick with it, keep working at it, you will get there 
12 Jan 17 by member: Sharryanna
Hmmm - maybe they have got a magnet stuck under their scale, hope they're not selling apples with it. Anyway, everyone is right - just keep going ;-) 
12 Jan 17 by member: ARB0001
Same here after my visit to the Hospital Monday, their scales gave me a 6lb gain plus a height loss of 1.5 inch....when I got home I stripped off and weighed my clothes, and Tah Dah they were 5.5 lbs so not worried there, out came Hubbies metal tape measure and to our reckoning I've only shrunk 1/2 an inch so now I'm 5ft 5 1/2 inches I can live with that!.....Keep going with your regime if no success in a week or two drop your RDI by a few calories and see what happens.....Happy dieting and don't give up we shall support You all the way at FS 
12 Jan 17 by member: Maggy May
Ditto ditto ditto. It must have been a blow but the variables are infinite and, if you are showing a loss at home, it is still a loss. Keep going lovely, don't let it knock you, you can do this. If you want someone to go to the hospital and have a word with those scales, you have only to ask . . . 
12 Jan 17 by member: StrangeTrout


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