bowd65's Journal, 11 Jan 17

For the last few days I have not felt so good. I wouldn't say feeling I'll, but I have had headaches, not sleeping as good and very irritable! I also have been experiencing the odd heart palpitations. I have had them before when my thyroid levels were not right, (hypothyroidism) but they were well controlled on my last blood test 6 months ago and so they said I could go to yearly blood tests.

My husband commented last night that I seem a bit moody. So today I have looked up some of my current symptoms. I think there's a strong possibility that I am starting to go through menopause and I am at that certain age. Even my usual exercise is not helping, as yesterday I didn't swim as good, although I did try to push myself. I feel really bloated today, so I haven't been near the scales.

Maybe some of it is psychological, subconsciously worrying about going back to work. I don't really know what is wrong with me, I just wish I could snap out of it! Well that's my moan over with for today 🤔

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Bloody hell Bowd. You have a darned right to moan!😱. It's not nice when you can't sleep and especially if your thyroid is playing havoc. Not only that... you are going through the natural girlie changes right now grrrrrr....and then going back to work soon .Bless your heart. I'm sending you a massive hug and wrapping my lovely fur throw around you so that you can have a nap 😇 Maybe you need some sort of pick- me up ...vitamins from a good health food shop. I used to find a walking a great boost when I felt like you do. I suggest a nice glass of wine maybe🍹Xxx  
11 Jan 17 by member: Mrs Maths
Ugh, Bowd. You have my sympathies although the way my body's behaving at the moment, it seems I might be going through the whole lot again. I hope it is just anticipation of going back to work that has you out of sorts and you feel better soon. 
11 Jan 17 by member: Phooka
Thanks Phooka and Mrs M. If it is the menopause then I shall have to just accept that it is the natural process that all women go through. If it is me subconsciously worrying then hopefully once I am back at work things will settle down. 
11 Jan 17 by member: bowd65
I have thyroid problems and am moody at times, but I don't think we share the same diagnosis. Going back to work is enough to upset anyone. 
11 Jan 17 by member: JockoT
I think you probably got it right in your last paragraph. You've been away from work for so long, you are bound to feel apprehensive. Hopefully, you'll feel fine once you get there. 
11 Jan 17 by member: Doobrie
We're about the same age, so I'll chime in: one thing that made a huge difference for me in terms of everything from mood, monthly pain, sleep quality and feeling too warm at night, etc. - was using a natural progesterone cream. (I've taken this for about 2 years now.) - production of this hormone can begin to deplete as early as our 30s, and it has literally made a world of difference for me. Your mileage may vary, and this is just my own anecdotal evidence, but I swear by it and always be sure I won't run out. Maybe something to dicsus with your doc, but it is an OTC product. I gave it a few months, saw clear improvement, and kept using it. 
11 Jan 17 by member: real_gone_girl
I've been off work since April. No matter how much you try not to worry, it's always at the back of your mind. Do u have a date to go back? 
11 Jan 17 by member: poppycom
Oh yeah. The Seven Menopausal Dwarfs: Itchy, Bitchy, Sweaty, Bloaty, Sleepy, Forgetful and Psycho. :-) 
11 Jan 17 by member: *Starshine*
Bowd, if in doubt, talk to your doctor. I usually call ours 'the quack', but I still see him if I need to. It could be hormonal changes but you've also lost quite a bit of weight, so maybe any medication you are taking needs reducing. Whatever it is, hope you start to feel better soon. 
11 Jan 17 by member: Snoop Puss
Yes Jocko and Doobrie I know you are right, I do feel a bit anxious now it is the last few days before starting back, my husband said the same thing last night. RGG I will look into the cream, thanks! I just can't be sure that menopause is the main cause. Poppycorn I start back on a late shift on Monday. I am a RGN on a very busy rehab ward. Ha ha starshine your comment made me laugh, so at least my sense of humour is still around 😁 Yes SP I will see how I am after a few shifts at work and if I don't feel any better, I will go to my GP and ask them to do a thyroid check, maybe the weight loss and possibly healthier eating has caused me not to require as much thyroxine medication. My condition is caused by my immune system attacking the thyroid. I will look into that myself first before I make an appointment. Thank you all for your support! 🤗 
12 Jan 17 by member: bowd65


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